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LAGENDA® Classic Orchid Home Fragrance 100ml


A great enhance for the sense of life with LAGENDA® original Home Fragrance, exclusively made of premium fragrance oils, a special combination of fruity, floral, oriental, and woody fragrance notes, perfectly restoring the elegance and pleasant scents of homegrown tropical orchids. With its simple yet trendy diffuser bottle designed is the best decor for bedroom, bathroom, living hall, and even office space, a great idea in creating relaxation and enhancing mood-lifting at anytime any moment, real enjoyment with the charming orchid fragrance through visual, olfactory, and spiritual experiencing.


Fragrance Notes

Top notes – peach | Lemon | Green Apple
Middle notes – Green orchid | Jasmine | Rose | Muguet
Finish – Cedarwood | Ambergris | sweet Ambrette

Main Ingredients

Limonene, Hexyl cinnamic aldehyde, Linaool, Citronellol, Deanatured alcohol, Parfum carrier

Package Includes

Diffuser bottle and 10 reed sticks

How to use

Uncap the bottle, remove the stopper, screw back the cap, and insert the reed sticks (approx. 5-6) allows some times for the reed sticks to absorb the fragrance and evaporate. When the fragrance is reduced, add new or simply flip the reed sticks.


It is normal that the fragrance happened to turn slightly yellowish due to air contacted.
Avoid contact of fragrance and reeds on wounds, eyes, wood surface and fabrics.
Keep the product out of the reach of children and pets for safety.


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