Ever fell in love with a fragrance that ignites a lifelong passion to share it with the rest of the world?

This is the story of how LAGENDA® came to be one of Malaysia's most renowned orchid fragrances. LAGENDA® 's existence can be traced back to 2013 when its founders first stumbled across a unique orchid scent. “Scent can heal emotions” is what olfactory psychologists say, and the orchid scent was so intoxicating that it immediately led to the passionate rush to refine and purify it into the LAGENDA® Orchid Eau De Parfum today.

The task was not easy as Malaysia was home to over 800 variants of orchids. However, through sheer passion and determination, the perfumer sorted through the mixtures and came up with the ultimate orchid fragrance. Today, LAGENDA® is recognized as Malaysia's truly unique fragrance.

Each bottle of LAGENDA® Orchid Eau De Parfum is a treasure that seals within it. The orchid fragrant evokes the wonders of exotic beauty, nature and Malaysia in its entirety. LAGENDA® with its innovative image, the logo, which is a smiling Orangutan, the branding wanted people to instantly connect with one of Malaysia’s treasured icons that are globally recognized, just like the Orchid, which brings warmth to people and joy to the world.

With great value, orchid lies the roots, leaves, flowers, fruits, and seeds which are edible, with some even considered pharmaceutical. With the help of technology, LAGENDA® continues to live on in a range of different body care and fragrance products with a combination of Malaysia’s most exclusive natural ingredients. The line-up of products will continue to expand as the popularity of the intoxicating orchid fragrance continues to grow.




LAGENDA® Mission

Healing the world with orchid fragrances, discovering and promoting the cultures, arts and values of Malaysian orchids.





To be the premier producer of renowned orchid products and to cultivate a Malaysian national brand that creates infinite warmth and joy to the world!



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