Orchid Perfume

The Allure of Malaysia in a Bottle

A Whiff of Malaysia's Tropical Charm

We harness the power of scent to bring you an aromatic experience that mirrors the beauty and fascination of Malaysia. You’ll experience the exquisite balance of notes, each contributing to the overall elegance and allure of the orchid scent.

"Your scented invitation to Malaysia's allure – don't wait, experience it today!"

Lagenda Low-8
Lagenda Low-9

SLS Free

Paraben Free

Colorant Free

Not Tested on Animal

Made in Malaysia

Certified Halal

Tropical Inspired

Brand Original

Fine Fragrance

Traditional Remedies

Best Gift

Made in Malaysia


Home Fragrance

Orchid Whispers

Transform Your Home with Fragrance

We redefine home fragrance, offering a unique blend of gentle orchid-inspired scents that take your home from ordinary to extraordinary.

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Home Fragrance

RM 78.00

Classic Orchid Home Fragrance

Smiles That Say It All

Our Valued Customers

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GAMAT Body Care

Nature's Gift from the Ocean

Discover a skincare collection enriched with sea cucumber extract’s remarkable properties, where ocean wisdom elevates your beauty routine. GAMAT Body Care products honor the ocean’s healing potential, revitalizing your skin for a transformative, radiant glow. 

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Tropical Secret of


Ancient Remedies with Modern Beauty


Elevate your gifting with our Tropical Inspired Collection, a harmonious blend of fragrant treasures inspired by nature’s splendor. Each product in this curated collection whisks the senses to tropical landscapes, making every gift a delightful journey.